mentions, mentioning, mentioned
1) VERB If you mention something, you say something about it, usually briefly.

[V n/-ing] She did not mention her mother's absence...

[V n to n] I may not have mentioned it to her...

[V that] I had mentioned that I didn't really like contemporary music...

[V wh] She shouldn't have mentioned how heavy the dress was...

[V n as n] Elizabeth told of her love of archaeology and Clarice mentioned Turkey as a place of great antiquity.

2) N-VAR: oft N of n A mention is a reference to something or someone.

The statement made no mention of government casualties...

At the community centre, mention of funds produces pained looks.

3) VERB: usu passive If someone is mentioned in writing, a reference is made to them by name, often to criticize or praise something that they have done.

[be V-ed] I was absolutely outraged that I could be even mentioned in an article of this kind...

[be V-ed] As for your father, he won't be mentioned in my will.

[be V-ed as n/adj] ...Brigadier Ferguson was mentioned in the report as being directly responsible.

4) VERB: usu passive If someone is mentioned as a candidate for something such as a job, it is suggested that they might become a candidate.

[be V-ed as n] His appointment is a complete surprise - he has never been mentioned as a front runner...

[be V-ed as n] Her name has been mentioned as a favoured leadership candidate.

5) N-VAR: with supp A special or honourable mention is formal praise that is given for an achievement that is very good, although not usually the best of its kind.

Two of the losers deserve special mention: Caroline Swaithes, of Kings Norton, and Maria Pons, of Valencia.

6) CONVENTION (formulae) People sometimes say `don't mention it' as a polite reply to someone who has just thanked them for doing something.

`Thank you very much.' - `Don't mention it.'

7) PHRASE: PHR group (emphasis) You use not to mention when you want to add extra information which emphasizes the point that you are making.

The audience, not to mention the bewildered cast, were not amused...

It was both deliberate and malicious, not to mention clever.

8) to be mentioned in dispatchessee dispatch

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